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Your Fitness Tribe

September 6, 2009 Leave a comment


I just listened to the audiobook for Tribes by Seth Godin. It was recommended to me by someone and I needed a new book–or at least someone to get me away from the Sookie Stackhouse series…so I grabbed it gladly!

What I was reminded by this book is that being part of a Tribe is the reason I achieved my fitness and changed my entire mindset in taking care of myself. Yes, that’s right, being part of Valerie Waters Red Carpet Ready Tribe is what helped me achieve dramatic results–ones that I had never achieved before this. While the book talks a lot about how to become a leader as opposed to a follower, the author talks about why you might want to choose to follow in some circumstances.

Being part of the RCR group has taught me about consistency — in what I eat, in being aware of what I eat, in my workouts, sharing and supporting others on a regular basis. The workouts, the nutrition plan, all the surface stuff that you get for being a part of the RCR club are also great, but I think the key to making it all work is the club…the tribe.

Check out this book…it’s an interesting read on how communities are forming in the world of facebook, twitter, and the internet in general. You might just get a few ideas on how to lead your own tribe…or be on the look out for one to support you in achieving your fitness goals.


What do Bedros Keuilian, Steve Hochman, Valerie Waters and Maria Andros have in common?

They are all launching amazing products the same week!

Last week it was the Sue and Steve Experience.

Yesterday,  Bedros and Steve launched the Fit Body Bootcamp global domination licensing program.

Friday, Maria’s #SMTB doors re-open.

Monday, Valerie launches an amazing update to her I Want My Bikini Body program.

Clearly, Great Minds Think Alike!

If you have no idea who these people are, let me tell you.

sueandsteveSue and Steve are a fun couple based in Vancouver who started their quest to become Millioniares in November.  They started a webshow to document their journey.  If you haven’t checked them out, you really need to.  Last week, they launched their Sue and Steve Experience to teach people how to achieve happiness & freedom using the Law of Attraction, as well as social media tools.

fitbodyBedros Keulian and Steve Hochman are well respected fitness marketing experts who focus on helping personal trainers build their businesses.  They launched what was known as Project X for almost a year – but now everyone knows that the X stands for Fit Body Bootcamp.  This is a unique business model sharing a way to set up bootcamps in any area – this is a business in a box.  If you are in the fitness industry, check them out!

bikiniValerie Waters – my total health guru – is releasing an unexpected update to her very successful I Want My Bikini Body program.  I have ZERO doubt that this new:

I Want My Bikini Body 2.0 Program is going to be amazing.  I’ve been working with Val’s programs now for several months.  I have NEVER had so much health & fitness success.  I know I am a pilates champion, but pilates alone does not give these results.  I am stronger, leaner, and feel so energetic.  You must check this program out.  If you have any questions, obviously email Valerie from the site, but feel to email me and I’ll gush some more!

smtbLast, but not least is Maria Andros’ Social Media Traffic Blueprint. In this program, Maria shows how to use Social Media tools and Mindset changes to create success for any business – or business to be.   I’m a big fan of Maria – she really inspired me with her videos and I continue to follow her work! I’m hoping to be part of SMTB this time because I know that she has the value to back up her program.  Check out her blog for more information on the relaunch of her Social Media Traffic Blueprint!

So, now you know why my head is swimming these days.  My gurus are all launching amazing programs.  The brain can only handle so much new material at once.  No wonder I have a migraine today.  I’m trying to take it all in and decide how I can support each and everyone of these people.  I hope you take a few moments to check out their sites.

Have a great day and don’t forget to keep moving!

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