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Focus Is A Good Thing…

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been struggling with a pretty annoying disease for the past 6 months…I’m a blog-o-holic.  I have so many random blogs out there that it’s driving me insane!  I love writing articles for each one, but there is seriously not enough time in a day or week to write articles for every single different blog.  That said, I’ve loved this wordpress blog.  I was overdue for a hosted wordpress site, so I’ve started one where I hope to pick up where this one leaves off.  Check out the first few posts and leave me a comment and let me know what new articles I should be posting.

My new home will still have articles on yummy recipes I find or the latest workout that I’m doing (besides pilates) and ideas on how to stay motivated.  The one thing you will find more of as the days go by is more pilates! Go figure!  Also, since I’m a geek as well, I’ll often talk about new technology that I’m using to make my life easier…

So, without further adieu, please visit me at my new home – yes, it looks like a messy desk with a coffee and iphone on top…

*Editorial update:  I have added this blog to my Posterous Autopost feature.  What that means? When I find cool stuff, it will still post here automatically! If you haven’t checked out posterous…do so now! will save you a lot of time playing around on your social networking sites!


What I’m Eating, Reading, and Loving…

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Ok, I’ve been gone way too long from this blog. All of the sudden I got very busy teaching, with Mila and just generally with life! I’m back though…so I wanted to share with you some of the things that I’ve spending time doing and eating recently.

Here are my top picks for this week:

What I’m Eating:

I’m going to make this today.  It’s a Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza.   I’m always trying new recipes from the Healthy Irishman…This looks right up my alley. Never really cooked with figs before, but he had me at goat cheese, so I figured I’d venture out. Sadly, I don’t have a neighbor with a fig tree like he does. Check out the post for the recipe on the Healthy Irishman Website.

What I’m Reading:

Reading, well that would be the Second Book in the Sookie Stackhouse series: Living Dead In Dallas.  My copy is a little beat up and colored on – thanks Mila! I’ve also been listening to the audiobook Tribes by Seth Godin. I had to chill on the True Blood books though because I was spending too much time comparing the show to the books…it was driving me crazy…

What I’m Loving:

Ok, I am in love. Addicted. Can’t stop playing with it and generally discovering all the fun things I can do with…
My IPHONE. Yay, Denis and I finally got to our upgrade date. We walked into Apple, they set us up in 20 minutes with our wiggling Mila in hand. Thankfully it only took that long since we totally forgot to bring the stroller. Nice arm/back workout for Daddy!

I won’t go into why Iphone is so super duper amazing.  In fact, I was actually resistant to getting one, but the more and more I use it…I can’t believe we didn’t get one sooner.

And finally, I can’t end a post without saying WHAT WORKOUT I’M DOING:

I am doing pilates of course, but lately I’ve been pushing through the Real GI Joe Workout from Valerie Waters.  I need to get as strong as possible to handle her upcoming “Action Hero Babe” program.  I know it sounds crazy, I am so excited for her latest program.  She has really helped me change my body! Now, I can do some of the harder pilates exercises!

Switch It Up!

August 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday my abs were so sore!  I kept saying, “wow, these are really sore!”  I think I was so shocked because I normally don’t get that feeling anymore.  Then, I thought back to the previous day’s workout.  I did a fairly new set of 3 circuits, but I think it was the last bonus circuit I made myself do which was really just 2 exercises.  I did that final bonus (haha, now that I think about it…how crazy am I to even call it a bonus!)…

Here’s what the exercises were:

Ball Pass – Put a ball (squishy small one or a larger stability ball) between your ankles.  Stretch your arms and legs out. Then lift both arms/legs/head & shoulders up to a V and pass the ball to your hands. Go back out to the extended position and then back in – switching to your ankles.  If your back starts to feel weird or arches too much, keep your knees slightly bent the whole time.  10x!

Pike on Stability Ball – Hands on Floor, Ankles up on stability ball. Start in a  straight plank position.  Pull your butt up into the air, creating a v with your body.  You might not be able to go up too far — do what you can. 10x

*If you are feeling saucy….try do Knee Tucks with your ankles on the ball.  Shoulders stay over wrists – ankles on ball. Pull knees in and out.  Try not to move your torso too much.  It will go up and down a bit, but try to remind yourself of our pilates classes.  Keep the torso as still as possible.

Adding a 2x through a circuit like this at the end of your workout will really shake things up.  You will feel it the next day if you’ve focused on keeping your core tight and “pulled up” in those plank positions.

Have a great day and let me know if you feel it!

What is Spark People? If you don’t know…you are missing out…

August 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I wanted to give you a free resource to tap into great workouts no matter who you are.  This is by far the cheapest home workout I’ve mentioned because it’s free for the most part.  

Spark People is a company and a group of websites that focuses on showing people how to get and stay healthy.  I love their message because it’s what I’m all about too.  They like to help people understand the connection between health & fitness and all other areas of your life.  If you get your body in shape, healthy, working right, other areas of you life also get moving…and improve.

Spark People consisists of a few different websites for almost everyone – teens, adults, pregnany women, new moms, and families.  


The main site offers a free four-stage diet program which uses tools, articles and forums to help members make effective lifestyle changes. To start off,  people enter height, weight, and number of times per week they think they can exercise.  They also set a measurable goal — in the form of a date and weight.   Then, the website gives the user a basic plan of how many calories, etc. they should eat a day, as well as a somewhat personalized exercise plan.  Then, if you choose to continue with the website, you can enter the food you eat in a daily journal.  After entering consistent bits of information about your activity and food intake, you get to see the results in the form of graphs and charts.  You can see how you are progressing toward your specific goal.

In addition to the jounralling and report aspect of the site, there are many other tools that you can access to help you reach your goal.  There are articles, videos and links to information on nutrition, fitness, exercise, and overall health.  Members also have access to forums, so that you can really start using the power of a team to give and get support. 

One really cool aspect of this main website is SparkDiet – their diet program, which goes through 4 phases to help get your “diet” changed for good….shifting your mindset to really affect overall change in the way you eat.


This micro site for focuses on – you guessed it – the health and fitness of the pregnant and recently pregnant woman.  Again, the core part of a member’s experience will be in the message boards, connecting with other moms and parents experiencing the same ups and downs you are!

3) is another microsite for Sparkpeople…and it’s focused on providing a database of healthy recipe ideas.  You can search by everything from type of diet you are on to the prep time and the amount of calories you want to inhale (ok, maybe that’s just how I eat!). 


Here’s a fairly new aspect to the sparkpeople family which focuses on the nutrition and dietary needs of teens.  There are fitness programs, nutrition advice that’s focused on the needs of a 13 to 17 year old.  

I think it’s so important to instill a healthy lifestyle into a child…this really will take them through their whole life and quite possibly help other areas of their life.  Teenage years are so challenging for most going through it — and their parents, and body confidence goes a long way to shaping how a person functions in all areas of their life.  I’m definitely going to check this site out in more detail now so that I can share the info with my own daughter.  By then, she probably won’t want to listen to me, but I’ll still try!

I highly recommend checking out this family of healthy lifestyle sites.  These are a daily go to for me and they are full of so much free information that you really don’t want to miss it.  Even if you are doing a completely different home workout program, the nutrition advice and workout tips might just make your current program work even better!

You Can Be a Runner

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve always wanted to “be” a runner. I know it is a great way to burn excess fat, helps with stress reduction, and is a great cardiovascular exercise…but for many reasons I’ve felt like I’m not a runner type. I can never seem to get in the mode of running. Now, I’m adding running to my list of activities that I intend to learn how to do properly.

Do You Squidoo?

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I just discovered a new site which is so fun I had to tell everyone about it.

Squidoo is a cool site where people set up their own pages – called a lens – and talk about the things that interest them. It’s kind of like setting up a blog, but not really. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean.

If you aren’t interested in making your own lens, you can check out other people’s lenses and get a load of free information. I found great fitness tools that had quality information:

1. Recipes
2. Workout Routines
3. Diet Advice
4. Motivation Articles

I made one that is about finding an at home program that works for you. It will follow my own search and discovery of a few programs I use on a daily basis. I try to never talk about products that I don’t use just for the sake of selling them. If you ever see a product mentioned, it’s really because I use it!

Go Check it Out my lens and Give me gold stars please! I’m planning on a few other non-fitness related sites like one about my favorite tv show True Blood!

Learn Pilates At Home In As Little As 3 Weeks, And Actually Enjoy Getting In Shape And Losing Weight!

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m always looking for new ways to get people to try pilates.  If you are curious about pilates, but don’t want to pay the high prices most studios charge…and if you prefer the privacy of an at home workout, this might be your chance to try out pilates without feeling awkward in a group class setting.

I always try to share everything I find and use with my own clients.  I don’t hold anything back and truly want everyone to succeed.  Some might say this isn’t smart business-wise, but I much more interested in getting people moving.  I’m not interested in selling you something you don’t want or need.  I’m not into pushing myself as the latest, greatest pilates trainer.  I understand that people have different goals, activities they like, ways they like to workout, and I’d rather just let people be who they are!  With that said, I know everyone can benefit from an at home workout program.  Finding the right program is all it takes to get yourself healthy and in shape.

So, some people want to do weight training, others are runners, some like hiking, others want to do only yoga or pilates.  While I don’t suggest sticking to only one form of movement/exercise, it is a great way to get started.  Start with something you click with.

Anyways, enough said. You get the picture.  So, let me tell you about a pilates program I found that I think you will like.

From warm ups to core exercises to warm downs Pilates Power System has it all. It is a complete resource for those curious about Pilates and for more advanced students.  Even seasoned athletes will get results from the program.

Who else wants to:

>>Lose Weight
>>Get In Shape
>>Improve Strength & Flexibility

“The advanced exercises were some of the toughest exercises I have ever done and I’ve done every fitness workout imaginable. These stretches and exercises are still in my weekly workout routine.”

Purchase the Program and Start Your Pilates At Home Workout today.  Everything is an automatic download, so you won’t have to wait for it. Also, there are some bonuses you’ll receive that include help with nutrition.

Also, to anyone who purchases this program, I’ll provide any free Q & A via video/phone to help you get the most out of the program.

The company even offers a 90 day money back if you really don’t like the program.  This is great, because it really does take awhile sometimes to decide whether or not you like something.  Check it out and you won’t be sorry…plus it’s super cheap for an at home total body workout program.