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Are you a Real Man?


This may be my shortest post ever.

But it’s very fitting because it’s about the world’s shortest workout for men – and it really works!

I know not everyone is into pilates and getting in touch with their core (even though they should be)…I’m not pointing fingers, but I know many men think it’s a girly-girl exercise.

So, I found a great SHORT workout you can do at home with NO equipment and NO harrassment from the muscle-heads at the gym.

I highly recommend this if you want fast results in minimum time.
Denis and I have done the workout only a few times but we both agree how good it is. I barely get through the different types of push-ups. Denis is going full force into this series of workouts and I’m going to do them at least 1x a week with my other workouts.

Check it out: CLICK HERE

Tell me if you try them and how you liked them. The trainer who put them together is local and I think he’d love to know if they are working.

And…if you are really a man, you’ll also try some pilates. But ’nuff said about that.

Have a great Saturday. 🙂