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Focus Is A Good Thing…

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been struggling with a pretty annoying disease for the past 6 months…I’m a blog-o-holic.  I have so many random blogs out there that it’s driving me insane!  I love writing articles for each one, but there is seriously not enough time in a day or week to write articles for every single different blog.  That said, I’ve loved this wordpress blog.  I was overdue for a hosted wordpress site, so I’ve started one where I hope to pick up where this one leaves off.  Check out the first few posts and leave me a comment and let me know what new articles I should be posting.

My new home will still have articles on yummy recipes I find or the latest workout that I’m doing (besides pilates) and ideas on how to stay motivated.  The one thing you will find more of as the days go by is more pilates! Go figure!  Also, since I’m a geek as well, I’ll often talk about new technology that I’m using to make my life easier…

So, without further adieu, please visit me at my new home – yes, it looks like a messy desk with a coffee and iphone on top…

*Editorial update:  I have added this blog to my Posterous Autopost feature.  What that means? When I find cool stuff, it will still post here automatically! If you haven’t checked out posterous…do so now! will save you a lot of time playing around on your social networking sites!


Your Fitness Tribe

September 6, 2009 Leave a comment


I just listened to the audiobook for Tribes by Seth Godin. It was recommended to me by someone and I needed a new book–or at least someone to get me away from the Sookie Stackhouse series…so I grabbed it gladly!

What I was reminded by this book is that being part of a Tribe is the reason I achieved my fitness and changed my entire mindset in taking care of myself. Yes, that’s right, being part of Valerie Waters Red Carpet Ready Tribe is what helped me achieve dramatic results–ones that I had never achieved before this. While the book talks a lot about how to become a leader as opposed to a follower, the author talks about why you might want to choose to follow in some circumstances.

Being part of the RCR group has taught me about consistency — in what I eat, in being aware of what I eat, in my workouts, sharing and supporting others on a regular basis. The workouts, the nutrition plan, all the surface stuff that you get for being a part of the RCR club are also great, but I think the key to making it all work is the club…the tribe.

Check out this book…it’s an interesting read on how communities are forming in the world of facebook, twitter, and the internet in general. You might just get a few ideas on how to lead your own tribe…or be on the look out for one to support you in achieving your fitness goals.

Set Yourself Up For Success

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Are you ready to commit to working out? What about to feeling more energetic and better every single day?

Well, here are some tips to keep you heading in the right direction.  This is exactly what I do to stay motivated and living a balanced, healthy life every single day.

Workout as early in the day as possible.
I know you don’t want to wake up early for anything or anyone.  But think about it.  If you put exercise on the top of your to do list, it will probably get done!  As the day goes on and you get busier or flooded with outside requests for this and that at work, the last thing you will want to do later in the day is work out.  Try to get this crucial task done at the beginning of the day.  If you can’t do it alone, ask someone to be your workout partner or hire a personal trainer or maybe even ask someone to call you in the morning…or consider using a wake up service if you really can’t get up.

Look Online For Some Great Recipes.
Go Online, search around for healthy recipe and cooking sites.  You might be thinking that healthy food is bland and boring but there are many sites out there right now that provide recipes that make you forget all about those fatty, unhealthy foods you used to eat!  Check out two of my personal favorites:  The Healthy Irishman and Live Well 360.  Also, do a search for Clean Eating Recipes, Flat Belly Diet, and Spark Diet for some other great recipes and eating ideas.  Some of the sites even help you consider how much you are eating too and focus on ways you can control your portions.

Start A Food Journal.
Everyone eats a little food here and there that isn’t good for them…but what if you start sneaking these treats every single day.  Even in little bite sizes you are sabotaging all of your home workouts and those early morning wake ups.  Since all the extras add up, it’s important to become aware  of what you are actually eating.  Start writing down everything you eat – no matter if it’s a mouthful of cake or a handful of chips.  Also, write down everything you drink too — where people often themselves consuming a lot of empty calories.
Once you do this for a few days, you will start to gain a little perspective on how much you are actually eating.  We all know logically how to eat healthy, but until we know what we are doing in our moments of weakness, we won’t be able to change our habits.  I’m not saying you can’t have a cookie or a piece of cake once in awhile, but you need to start becoming of aware of these indulgences before you can realize how they are affecting your health.  Sometimes, even the idea of having to write down another thing is enough to keep you from indulging in the first place. Remember to be honest with yourself.

Try An Interval Training Program.
This is an amazing approach to exercise that burns a ton of calories and fat – and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Check out some of my other articles at Stay Home Work Out, to find the interval training program that’s right for you.   There are a ton of routines and complete programs available online for free and for a small price.

Make physical activity a daily activity, even if you are a mom or work from home.
Walk every day. If you are a new mom, pop your baby into the stroller and walk around your neighborhood.  If you are a busy professional working long hours, take a walk to lunch spot a little bit further a few times per week.  If you are a college student, walk the long way to class.
Now you have a few ways to start being more active and keep you focused on your total fitness program.  Try to remain clear and realistic about your goals and achievements every single day. There are always times of the year we risk a setback — holidays, birthdays, office parties.  The important thing for us to do is to get back on track as quickly as we can.  Keep reminding yourself that it’s a slippery slope if we allow ourselves to keep slipping 1, 2, 3 days in a row.  So…If you slip one day, get back to your routine the very next day or even at the very next meal!  One meal or one day of bad eating isn’t going to completely sidetrack your health & fitness efforts, but extended periods of time eating poorly or not working out will destroy your efforts.
So take my advice and implement one or two or all of these suggestions in your life to start seeing results and stay consistent!

Derailed from your workout?

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Sometimes work, kids, our spouses, family visiting, illness…and many more reasons just get the best of us and we end up skipping a workout or having a not-so-great meal/snack/or both.  I used to beat myself up when it happened or silently condemn the people that I held responsible (myself included) for not sticking to the program.  Only when I made a change in my response to these moments in life did I actually end up not being so affected by them.


One of the first things you’ll read in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles book is about the idea that Event + Response = Outcome… What this means is simply…an event might be out of our control, but our response to this event is within our control…and the outcome then is also within our control.  So, no matter what happens, we are responsible and control that outcome.  It’s tough to face, but if you think about it it’s true!  If you start looking at times when a boss at work gave you a poor review or someone backstabbed you or you got fired or whatever negative thing might have happened, you can also then look at your response to that event and realize how different reactions would have yielded different outcomes.

It’s the same with staying healthy.  Ok, so your in-laws made a fatty dinner…you can either eat it and then vow to get back on track tomorrow, not eat it and explain why to everyone, or eat less of it and politely say no thank you to second helpings…I’m sure there are other responses you could go through..but isn’t it clear which will be the easiest response for you?

Remember that you can react in any number of ways to the Events in life that derail your workout or your eating habits or you taking care of yourself.  Don’t blame it on work anymore.  Don’t blame it on family visits.  Stop saying that you have no time or energy to workout.  Find the time. Find the energy.  Your health is all you have.  If you lose your health, there will be no more work, family, etc.  So, think about that.  If you have people in town, workout in the morning or later in the evening.  If you don’t have money for the gym, do jumping jacks, situps, pushups, or any number of home workout programs that cost NOTHING.

This is my little rant for the day and I think everyone needs to remember it.  Take responsibility for your health.  Have a great day. 🙂

Self-Talk Yourself to A Better Body

August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

So, you are finally working out, going to the gym, getting in shape, dieting…whatever you are calling it, you are trying to get healthier.  Congratulations!  I was on this roller coaster ride myself for a long time.  Besides the year (well, longer really) I didn’t do ANYTHING when I was pregnant and after my daughter was born, I have tried to be consistently active since my early 20s.  Prior to that I was the weakling in junior high and high school…I didn’t really start working out or doing any type of movement until the end of high school…and really college.

What I didn’t know then that I just discovered was the secret to really getting in shape, staying shape, and achieving my goals in general.  Your mindset needs to be completely tuned into what you are trying to achieve.  For the health/fitness area of my life, my goal is to get healthier. It’s not actually to lose weight.  So, I’ve been focused on eating clean and reducing sugars out of my diet.

I set my mind on my target – a specific goal – and hold myself accountable to it everyday.  The goals are actually written down and visible in several different areas of the house.

This mindset shift has really led me to the next huge “a-ha” moment that most trainers know by now…Your Food is often the key reason why you aren’t seeing your results, even if you are working out consistently at home.  It is an essential ingredient in any fitness program — whether you workout at home or at the gym, you can chase away or do enough cardio to negate poor eating habits.  Try to adapt a “cleaner” approach to eating–reducing your sugar & salt levels, in addition to adding more fiber and water to your diet.

I wanted to share a video I did in response to some clients who weren’t losing weight like they wanted.  I talk about my own body transformation and how I transformed my own health.  Let me know what you think!

What do Bedros Keuilian, Steve Hochman, Valerie Waters and Maria Andros have in common?

They are all launching amazing products the same week!

Last week it was the Sue and Steve Experience.

Yesterday,  Bedros and Steve launched the Fit Body Bootcamp global domination licensing program.

Friday, Maria’s #SMTB doors re-open.

Monday, Valerie launches an amazing update to her I Want My Bikini Body program.

Clearly, Great Minds Think Alike!

If you have no idea who these people are, let me tell you.

sueandsteveSue and Steve are a fun couple based in Vancouver who started their quest to become Millioniares in November.  They started a webshow to document their journey.  If you haven’t checked them out, you really need to.  Last week, they launched their Sue and Steve Experience to teach people how to achieve happiness & freedom using the Law of Attraction, as well as social media tools.

fitbodyBedros Keulian and Steve Hochman are well respected fitness marketing experts who focus on helping personal trainers build their businesses.  They launched what was known as Project X for almost a year – but now everyone knows that the X stands for Fit Body Bootcamp.  This is a unique business model sharing a way to set up bootcamps in any area – this is a business in a box.  If you are in the fitness industry, check them out!

bikiniValerie Waters – my total health guru – is releasing an unexpected update to her very successful I Want My Bikini Body program.  I have ZERO doubt that this new:

I Want My Bikini Body 2.0 Program is going to be amazing.  I’ve been working with Val’s programs now for several months.  I have NEVER had so much health & fitness success.  I know I am a pilates champion, but pilates alone does not give these results.  I am stronger, leaner, and feel so energetic.  You must check this program out.  If you have any questions, obviously email Valerie from the site, but feel to email me and I’ll gush some more!

smtbLast, but not least is Maria Andros’ Social Media Traffic Blueprint. In this program, Maria shows how to use Social Media tools and Mindset changes to create success for any business – or business to be.   I’m a big fan of Maria – she really inspired me with her videos and I continue to follow her work! I’m hoping to be part of SMTB this time because I know that she has the value to back up her program.  Check out her blog for more information on the relaunch of her Social Media Traffic Blueprint!

So, now you know why my head is swimming these days.  My gurus are all launching amazing programs.  The brain can only handle so much new material at once.  No wonder I have a migraine today.  I’m trying to take it all in and decide how I can support each and everyone of these people.  I hope you take a few moments to check out their sites.

Have a great day and don’t forget to keep moving!

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